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You are able to set your iPhone in your desk and hook it up to charge and sync, however a pier-a cradle or perhaps a similar accessory that holds your phone upright while it's charging or syncing-is a fairly upgrade iPhone Dock.

In the last few years, I've examined greater than 25 docks for that apple iphone 5 and 6, and Twelve South's HiRise Luxurious for iPhone & iPad ($60 available too inside a $35 non-Luxurious version that needs more set up and ships with no Lightning-to-USB cable) is definitely my personal favorite. This attractive and stable pier works together with any Lightning-connector iPhone (bare or in any best iPhone Dock, including battery cases), keeps your phone's headphone jack accessible, and-my personal favorite feature-makes a person-handed docking and elimination of your phone easy. It's the only real pier I have seen which has many of these qualities, also it can even hold an iPad small or iPad Air.

The HiRise Luxurious will come in silver, black, or gold to complement current iPhone models, and it is is made of big enough, at roughly 5 by 4 inches, to help keep even an iPad Air stable. A pedestal to secure your device sits before a taller pillar that supports the rear of the telephone or tablet. When putting together the HiRise, you select whichever of three pedestal inserts puts the incorporated Lightning cable's connect the very best position for the device: low for any phone without any situation, medium for any thin iPhone Docking station, or high to achieve right into a thick situation. You may also adjust the support pillar to complement the thickness of the device or its situation.

The HiRise, since it's name suggests, boosts your phone-a couple of inches from the base-and angles it back slightly, permitting you to definitely see the phone's screen easily while it's docked, as well as to make use of the iPhone for FaceTime calls. Nothing sits behind your phone while it's perched within the HiRise, so that you can easily wrap your hands round the phone and employ your thumb to have interaction using its screen. And since the HiRise doesn't make use of a traditional cradle designed particularly for just one phone model, you will not need to purchase another new HiRise should you upgrade to a different phone.

Finally, should you keep the iPhone inside a battery situation-many of which possess a Micro-USB port at the base for charging and syncing-the HiRise Luxurious features a matching Micro-USB cable. Swap that instead of the Lightning cable, and you may pier your battery-situation-outfitted iPhone. The HiRise Luxurious is easily the most versatile and many attentively designed pier you'll find.