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iPhone Bike Mount

Many cyclists track their rides using specialized apps that relate ride distance, speed, and much more. However these apps are much more helpful if you're able to really discover their whereabouts while you're riding, meaning mounting your iPhone somewhere easily visible instead of a bicycle-jersey pocket or perhaps a iPhone Bike Mount or pack. And regardless of the risk, people use their phones for music (along with other things) during rides, and it is a great deal safer for any rider to utilize a phone that's visible and simply accessible rather than fumble around using the device inside a pocket or bag while speeding lower the street.

We haven't yet done our usual thorough research and testing within this category, however i examined numerous best iPhone Bike Mount inside my previous job (like a senior editor at Macworld) and did a substantial amount of personal research before purchasing a mount myself, and my personal favorite is Annex's Quad Lock Bike Package ($70 to $85 $30 for that mount alone if you have a Quad Lock situation).

The package begins with the superb Quad Lock situation, which we selected like a runner-up to find the best iPhone situation. It features a great mounting interface on its back. The mount is curved to suit any stem or handlebar from 25 mm to 44 mm, and also you attach it using incorporated zip ties or O-rings. (The zip ties are a little more stable, and suggested if you are planning to help keep the mount on a single bike. The O-rings still offer security but allow you to take away the mount easily to talk about it between different bikes.)

Put the situation around the mount, push it lower, and twist it about 45 levels, along with a spring-loaded lock safeguards the situation towards the mount. It's simple to use, as well as your phone won't go anywhere before you pull a blue securing collar lower with one hands and rotate the situation using the other hands to produce the situation.

The Bike Package includes the cheap iPhone Bike Mount (available too individually for $25), a water-resistant, slip-on cover that keeps your iPhone dry and clean while you're biking while it is raining, but nonetheless enables you to view and employ the phone's screen and buttons. (The Poncho isn't yet readily available for the iPhone 6 Plus, though the organization states a 6 Plus version is incorporated in the works.)

Another great factor concerning the Quad Locking system is the fact that after you have the situation, technology-not only having a slew of other add-ons, together with a vehicle mount, a belt clip, a tripod adapter, a glue mount, and our runner-up to find the best armband. The organization can also be focusing on a brand new Out-Front Bike Mount which will hold your phone farther forward and can affix to handle bars utilizing a clamp that's fixed having a screw. We'll be testing it once it's available.