Our Greatest iPhone Car Mount Are Here

iPhone Car Mount

After researching 100s of car mounts for 10 hrs, surveying greater than 1,000 Wirecutter visitors, and testing about 30 mounts, we made the decision the model we advise for most of us is TechMatte's MagGrip CD Slot (about $12). Although it might not be what you'd picture whenever you consider a iPhone Car Mount, within our tests the MagGrip CD Slot demonstrated to become a simple, compact, and cost-effective option that's an excellent fit for many cars and works together with any size iPhone.

Nearly 90 % in our survey respondents' cars have CD gamers, but individuals people stated they play CDs only 5.7 % of time within the vehicle, typically. (Actually, many people never make use of the CD player-individuals that do tend for doing things fairly frequently, tugging the typical time up.) The MagGrip CD Slot fits safely right into a vehicle stereo's unused CD-player slot, placing the iPhone's screen in a comfortable position that does not obscure the driver's look at the street. Rather than the standard plastic cradle, this mount holds your phone having a magnet, making attachment, removal, and repositioning from the phone simpler compared to every other type of mount we examined. And also the cost is excellent, too-in regards to a half to some third of the items most competitors cost.

The mount has two primary components: basics along with a magnetic pad. You simply slide the .7-inch-deep "wing" to your car's CD slot after which turn a thumbscrew to spread the parts of the wing apart. Once you've done this, these wing sections exert enough pressure for that magnetic iPhone Car Mount to stay lodged safely within the slot. In the finish of the short neck, connected with a ball joint, is really a round, flat, magnetic pad about 1.8 inches across. Because of the ball joint, the information can remain placed across an array of angles, in addition to rotate 360 levels.

TechMatte features a MagGrip Plate along with a MagGrip Sticker, each metallic. Home Plate is really a 2.6-by-1.8-inch rounded rectangle, under half a millimeter thick, that's designed to slip among your phone along with a situation. The Sticker is really a 1.6-inch disc with adhesive somewhere that you could affix to the rear of a situation or the rear of your phone. Both labored well within our testing.

Should you not make use of a situation, or you shouldn't place a metal sticker around the back, we advise Exogear's ExoMount Touch CD ($25). It uses exactly the same base because the MagGrip CD but swaps the magnetic pad for any tension-grip cradle.

Should you not wish to or can't make use of the CD slot inside your car, opt for best iPhone Car Mount. It uses exactly the same magnetic pad because the MagGrip CD Slot, with similar metal plate and sticker incorporated within the package. But rather than being mounted on a comparatively large base, the MagGrip Air Vent's pad has four short arms adhering the back that slide within the slats of the car's air vent.